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National professional personnel is one of the most important factors to enhance cybersecurity. International studies and reports have confirmed that most countries including leading ones in the field of Technology and Engineering are currently suffering a severe shortage of cybersecurity specialized personnel, and the gap between supply and demand of specialized personnel in this important field is increasing, which might become a greater challenge in the future.
And as the National Cybersecurity Authority mandate includes building national cybersecurity capacity, contributing in designing educational and training programs, developing professional standards and frameworks, building relevant standard tests as well as applying them. Therefore, the National Cybersecurity Authority has taken the initiative to establish the National Cybersecurity Academy to qualify national cybersecurity personnel by offering cybersecurity training programs and advanced cybersecurity drills.


  • Developing the skills of national entity employees and raising cyber readiness
  • Educating non-specialized employees on the basics of cybersecurity
  • Qualifying and training national cybersecurity cadres


"service one"

Technical cybersecurity training

"service two"

Training on the frameworks and standards issued by NCA

"service three"

Conducting cyber drills



  • Employees of national entities working in cybersecurity and related fields
  • Recent graduates from Saudi universities and colleges in computer and cybersecurity programs
  • Recent graduates of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques External Scholarship Program in Computer and Cybersecurity Programs

For more information, you can visit  the website of the National Cybersecurity Academy