The National Cybersecurity Strategy

A resilient, secure, and trusted Saudi Cyberspace that enables growth and prosperity.


Underscores the need to recover quickly from cyber events and incidents


Emphasizes protection of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of digital or digitally connected assets, networks, and systems


Assures investors and citizens that the Saudi cyber ecosystem is a safe place to conduct business

Saudi Cyberspace

Provides a national point of emphasis on the Kingdom's cyber program designed for its needs and priorities


Highlights that the digital world contributes to and facilitates greater ambitions and needs


Reflects the priority of economic growth to the Kingdom and indicates the growth opportunities provided through cyberspace


Emphasizes that this program is ultimately about the social and economic well-being of Saudis

Strategic Goals:

With the ambition of creating an integrated cybersecurity system in Saudi Arabia, NCA – through the National Cybersecurity Strategy – is working to achieve six main goals

To reach a resilient, secure, and trusted Saudi cyberspace that enables growth and prosperity, NCA seeks to achieve six main goals as follows:


Whole-of-Nation Cybersecurity


Adaptive Risk Management


Cyber Ecosystem Assurance


Dynamic Defense


Collaborative Security



Cyber Ecosystem Development

The six main themes of this framework are defined as follows

Legal, Policy, and Regulatory


The frameworks and mechanisms needed to manage strategic directions as required, through the necessary authorities, policies, regulations and legislation.

Nat. Strategy and Budgeting


 Develop and review national strategic directions for cybersecurity by working to prepare and review: scope, objectives, initiatives, budgets and expected performance indicators to measure the extent of commitment to the implementation plan.

Nat. Organization and Governance


Develop a governance framework that clarifies the roles, responsibilities and powers of the authorities and individuals concerned.


The action plan created three main tracks to achieve measurable national impacts in both the short and long term. These three tracks, shown below, were set to achieve both the Strategy’s vision and national strategic goals.

First Track

High Returns Projects

Accomplish high-impact, low-effort security hygiene projects

Second Track

 Cybersecurity Catalyst Program

Partner with key organization to enhance their cyber operations.

Third Track 

 National Initiatives   

Execute multiple national initiatives focused on long-term impacts and to achieve the goals of the national cybersecurity strategy. Each initiative is linked with one of the six strategic goals