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Educational programs

Educational Programs

NCA aims to enhance cybersecurity education in private and public institutions, develop specialized educational programs, train national cybersecurity experts, and fulfill the national shortage of industry needs.
To achieve this goal, NCA has partnered with Ministry of Education, Education and Training Evaluation Commission, King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (Mawhiba), Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, and other national educational institutes and universities to develop high-quality and well established academic programs in the field of cybersecurity.

General edu

General Education

NCA aims to develop cybersecurity skills across all levels of education, maintain the global competitiveness of public educational programs, and fulfil the current and future demands of the job market.



high edu

Higher Education

NCA aims to achieve the required knowledge for current and future labor market demands; through enhancing the quality of academic programs in the field of cybersecurity, developing national frameworks, and ensuring its alignment with national programs. 

NCA focuses on programs in higher education by:


Developing and updating frameworks for national cybersecurity education and training programs to contribute in enhancing higher education programs’ outcomes according to best practices and adequate international standards in cybersecurity. 


Monitoring and analyzing cybersecurity higher education programs on a regular basis.


Evaluating the alignment of higher education programs with the Saudi Cybersecurity Higher Education Framework (SCyber-Edu) to improve the quality of these programs.


Updating cybersecurity academic programs list that are aligned with the Saudi Cybersecurity Higher Education Framework (SCyber-Edu).