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Entrepreneurship and Investment

NCA seeks to develop the cybersecurity sector in the Kingdom acting as a national catalyst to stimulate entrepreneurship and investment in the sector. It aims to foster a culture of entrepreneurship in the sector, and develop a dynamic and competitive entrepreneurial environment that offers growth and expansion opportunities for cybersecurity entrepreneurs. This is by supporting the establishment and sustainability of cybersecurity startups, enabling promising national cybersecurity companies to meet national aspirations, raising their contribution to the cybersecurity market, and generating quality job opportunities in the sector.


Empower entrepreneurs and startups in the cybersecurity sector.
Elevate the growth of promising national companies in cybersecurity.
Contribute to local content and localize cybersecurity technologies.
Attract Investments in the cybersecurity sector


Research, Development and Innovation:

NCA seeks to develop an integrated national ecosystem to enhance research, development, and innovation (RDI) in the cybersecurity sector. In addition to supporting the development of promising research and innovative solutions to confront cyber challenges and keep pace with global developments and trends; contributing to opening broader horizons for cyber innovative opportunities and solidify the Kingdom’s global leadership in cybersecurity.


Developing the cybersecurity RDI ecosystem and national capabilities in the sector.
Stimulating research and innovation in alignment with the national priorities and upcoming trends in cybersecurity.
Unlocking state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies.
Strengthening national and international collaboration in cybersecurity research and innovation to exchange knowledge and expertise.




CyberIC Innovation

Encouraging innovation and investment   NCA is developing the cybersecurity market in Saudi Arabia by supporting local and international companies, SMEs and startups. It aims to position Saudi Arabia as a hub for cybersecurity innovation and has established programs for market development, innovation, and investment.   These include:   CyberIC Innovation NCA has launched the CyberIC Innovation program, in partnership with NEOM, to stimulate the growth of the cybersecurity sector, encourage innovation, and support startups in the Kingdom.   The initiative aims to empower innovators and entrepreneurs in cybersecurity and help them turn their ideas into market-ready products. It looks to attract local and global investment to the Saudi cybersecurity sector and contribute to its sustained growth.      


Cyber SecurityAccelerator

Cyber SecurityAccelerator The Cybersecurity Accelerator Program, part of the CyberIC program, is a 12-week program that supports the growth of cybersecurity startups. It provides mentorship, training and resources to help startups deliver innovative solutions that protect Cyberspace. The program connects startups with local and international investors to ensure they have the support and incentives needed to succeed.


Cybersecurity research and innovation pioneer grants initiative

A key initiative launched under the National Program for Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) in Cybersecurity to fund researchers, experts, and students at various stages, nurturing broader-scale advancements in cybersecurity RDI and leaping the development of promising cybersecurity innovations.