Regulatory Framework for Licensing Managed Security Operations Center Services

Regulatory Framework for Licensing Managed Security

Regulatory Framework for Licensing Managed Security Operations Center Services

Type of regulatory document: Frameworks and standards


The National Cybersecurity Authority, as the national authority responsible for cybersecurity in the Kingdom, establishing policies, governance mechanisms, frameworks, standards, controls, and guidelines related to cybersecurity ; as well as circulating them with relevant stakeholders, following up their compliance, and updating them. The  Regulatory Framework for Licensing Managed Security Operations Center (MSOC) Services aims to regulate the provision of MSOC services to national organizations, providing a framework that outlines the responsibilities and obligations of service providers to enhance the efficiency of these services. 



  • Strengthen cybersecurity in the Kingdom .
  • Develop the cybersecurity sector, enhance its competitiveness and stimulate investment in it.
  • Develop national capabilities specialized in providing MSOC services.


Framework Scope

  • MSOC service providers.
  • Employees of MSOC service providers.


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