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NCA has expands its Cybersecurity Toolkit

NCA has expands its Cybersecurity Toolkit

06 December 2023



Saudi Arabia’s National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) has expanded and updated its comprehensive “Cybersecurity Toolkit” to bolster cyber preparedness in the Kingdom. In line with NCA’s regulatory role, these new cyber models, policies, standards, procedures are designed to help public and private sector organizations strengthen their cybersecurity measures.  

With the aim of encouraging a cyber-conscious environment among Saudi Arabia’s public and private sectors, the new tools will be valuable resources to enhance cyber readiness and reduce cyber risks. Users can access the Toolkit from the NCA website, in both Arabic and English.

The development of these tools involved a rigorous analysis of existing policies, standards, and mechanisms in the cybersecurity domain. The development process ensured that global best practices were adapted for each  tools. The tools include guidance on different subjects such as but not limited to cybersecurity responsibilities, strategy formulation, malware protection, email and network security, web application protection, user device security, Workstations, Mobile Devices and BYOD Security, security vulnerability assessments, data security, Operational Technology/Industrial Control Systems (OT/ICS) , social media security, and virtualization security.

Access to the Cybersecurity Toolkit and other resources is available through NCA’s website.